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            light tester system

            日期:2021-09-29 16:06
                        light tester system
              Watt Wr fr  
              11W 10.8±1.3 W 56.1±4 KHz  
              14W 13.5±1.4 W 56.9±4 KHz  
              19W 18.9±2.2 W 53.5±4 KHz  
              22W 17.6±2.0 W 46.6±4 KHz  
            Inspection Method:  
            1.Connect Check wire(CH3,CH4/CH5,CH6) to pin (P3,P4/P5,P6) connected. [Load Resistor: 600 ohm]
               ( 300ohm resistor*2 [300Ω30W Cement resistor] series connection. )  
            2.Connect Check wire(CH1,CH2)with power source of AC220V/50Hz to Lands or Wire (F1,P2).   
            3.Measure DATA (Wr/fr) after 2 seconds from turn on.  
            4.Turn off AC220V/50Hz, then Switch off the Load Resistor.   
            (1) You should not to pull strongly when Wr/fr is measured.  
            (2)Since a measuring method is different compared with other types, Pls Be careful.


            test volt, WR,FR

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